I love art and when in art museums I tend to get really excited about the artwork. That excitement is increased if I recognize the artist because I have studied their work. I always get caught up in the fact that it was Vermeer that mixed that paint or Picasso that drew that figure or Cezanne’s brush strokes on that canvas. In my examining of said brush stokes and paint, I tend to get really close to the artwork and have the overwhelming desire to touch the art. I would never actually touch the art, but I do make the security guards nervous. I was once told at the National Gallery that the rule was to stay at least 12 inches away from the art.

Because of this desire it always gives me a thrill when I get to touch works by some great masters. So it is with great joy that I say…I touched a Matisse today.*

* It was at work. I was very professional and handled the print with the utmost care.