Donald Driver has one of the most amazing smiles I’ve ever seen.
It’s wide and displays beautifully white teeth. But more than that, Driver’s smile show deep, uninhibited joy.
Donald Driver retired this month after playing twelve seasons with the Green Bay Packers. During is time wearing #80, he racked up franchise receiving records. At the same time, he served as a role model of character and class. He’s not smiling because everything has come easily in life. On the contrary, he had a difficult childhood of poverty.
“Although I always felt Driver’s passion and work ethic made him unique, I do believe it was his consistency that stands out the most to me. Every day he was the same – same smile, enthusiasm, teammate, husband, father, man.  I never – not once – saw him waver from who he was or what he was about.” – Mike Sherman, former Packers head coach
On his retirement, Driver said “Someone is always going to be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great football player,” Driver told ESPN Radio. “But no one will be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great dad and a great husband, so I have to be able to show them that.”
Driver will be remembered and revered for his heroics on the field, his actions off the field, and his joyful attitude through it all.